how to overcome fear and becoming successful

How To Overcome Fear And Become Successful

No matter who and where you are, there is some sort of a fear in you. Whether it be your looks, physique and health, your financial success, lack of emotional stability in your relationships or a missing purpose in life; or any other form or variation of any of these. They have shadowed your greatness and are delaying your progress. Don’t you sometimes just wish for a magic wand to take away all your fears? If you are nodding your head, I want to wake you up. We both know there ain’t any Harry Potter wand out there. So does that mean that you can never overcome your fears and have the life of your dreams?

Well, I never said that. In fact, with courage, not only can you overcome your fears but scare them forever. Maintaining your determination and positive attitude will ensure they never return. Other fears like worrying about parents’ health, your child’s diet, and safely of a loved one are natural. I suggest instead of seeing them threw the eyes of negativity, seem they for what they really are: Care. What I am pointing to is that with your positive upbeat courageous attitude, you can conquer any fear. Right attitude is what makes fears either vanish or rest allowing your mind the space to think and operate better. This improves your thought process which in turn raises your capacity to handle challenges and negativity eventually bringing upon desired outcomes.

overcome fearI want to encourage you to accept the existence of your fears, and decide right now that you will overcome them. Remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt who once said “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” Listen to me, yes you who is staring at your screen reading this: Not only can you have the life of your dreams, but if you understand what I am about to say, you will have way much more to cherish and be thankful for. So, listen carefully and focus as you read the next few words.

It is absolutely normal to have fears. Accept that we all fear something. Only their degrees and extents vary. But, remember overcoming your fears is a choice you have. Though not bounded by time, it is bounded by awareness and courage. In addition, the only time you will really be fearless is when you identify your ‘why.’ Passion is the real cause which drives success. Ask yourself, what is that you really want? 

You see, happiness and fear can’t coexist. You can only truly be fearless when you identify your reasons to do something because that is the fuel that drives action. With some temporary pain on the way, you will eventually reap lasting happiness and authentic success. Real happiness and success are reflected when one is free financially and emotionally, and healthy physically and mentally. This can only happen when you indulge yourself to pursue your dreams with complete conviction. Doing so will make you stronger, and fearless in the process.

If you are not sure about your ‘why’, then I would strongly suggest you to identify it first, understand it, and cultivate it in your life. Please gulp the seriousness of this because till the time you don’t know your ‘why’ it is nearly impossible to permanently overcome baseless fears. Remember, burning reason and passion to achieve something is the fuel to action.

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