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Learn the 13 wealth tools to get your business and life up now! Get the complete audiobook read by the author Ashish Janiani himself!


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All the people who sign up for this program get three exclusive webinars with Ashish Janiani on wealth, life, motivation and much more! These webinars will take your life from where it is, to where you want it to be!

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Take the practical steps towards changing your life and financial situation with our goal-oriented workbook. It compliments the book to make sure you apply everything you learn!

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Frequently asked questions

Ashish Janiani is a Transformational Coach and Corporate Trainer with 12+ years of experience in
management training, consulting and sales. Ashish now mentors Individuals, Business Owners and
Organizations across verticals to help them reach their business and personal goals.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one, an ambitious human being who wants more than just a paycheck, a small business wanting to expand, a big business wanting to equip your best employees with upgraded skills, an MBA or business graduate or a person who is hungry to learn the code of successful people, this book is for you!

Yes. The book comes with a practical working manual which I have defined for you to use in the coming 30 days. 

Most books talk about the right things in wrong ways. They give you knowledge but you find it difficult to implement practically. This book is different as I talk about the right things in the right manner which is experience! I only talk about things I have done to attain success and what I have NOT only heard, but SEEN massively successful people do and then created a 13 principle code which summarises how to become a Rich Ranger

Yes, a 100% refund, no-questions-asked, is available for 14 days from the date of payment. 

Besides the eBook, audiobook and webinar access, you will also get the special extended edition of The Rich Ranger (exclusively for the premium buyers, i.e. Audiobook + eBook buyers).

You can pay using our secure online payment gateway of PayUMoney (for those in India) , or using Paypal (for those outside India). 

Yes, the price is all-inclusive. 

Our clients say

"Fantastic eBook and audiobook! Ashish's energy is infectious and he writes in a friendly but genuine way. Very practical insights for success that anyone can apply!"
Neeraj Ramnani
"A genuine person, energetic person and never distract with his goals."
Nilesh Parakh
"Enthusiastic and Passionate...
Especially the follow ups"
Meghna Bhatt
Cluster Head
"Ashish Janiani is an amazing trainer and he has got that skills and aura which makes people connect to him instantly...He is not only good trainer but also a good person"
Mansi Shah
Assistant Manager (Corporate HR)
"I like the way you write very practically and have a unique way of bringing things out. Enjoyed the book."
Shalini Azad
"Thank you Ashish. You are amazing and I'm so proud of you! "
Dr. Leilani Baumanis
Senior Professor
International Business
Johnson and Wales University, FL, USA
"In the short span of time that I have come to known Ashish, I have found him to be a very passionate & intense trainer who takes you from point A to B & ensure it to happens"
Trini Dsouza
Learning and Development Head
"Ashish has a good grasp of what the client wants and is able to design and deliver basis the pre requisite requirements."
Nilesh Sawant
Learning and Development Head