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The Founder


Ashish Janiani

I grew from $100 to $500,000 and so can you. People Call me a ‘Sales Hustler’; | am a 26+ countries PRISM certified transformational coach to CXOs & corporates with a client base in US, UK, Australia, Singapore, India, UAE, and South Africa. Personally, I am passionate about reading deep books, working out hard, and enjoying a great Americano!

About Me

I started from scratch and expanded MotivationalDiaries.com (ISO 9001:2015 certified) as one of The Most renowned sales coaching organizations of India. Operating in 31+ cities with 150+ clients including fortune 500 companies like the Tata Group, Hindustan Petroleum, Adani Group, The Wadia Group, and many more, with testimonials from the likes of Vivek Bindra’s Team, Tom Hopkins, Harvard University, and countless other legends. He recently won the award of ‘Transformational Coach of the Year-2021 (India).’

I love to work alongside passionate CEOs and am deeply humbled that my true story, personally and professionally, has reached 30,000+ people with a client base in the US, Australia, India, UK, South Africa & Singapore. As of today, my team and I are transforming how the traditional sales coaching & training industry is working with globally dedicated platforms: SalesDiaries.com & MotivationalDiaries.com


Qualified career specialist with over 17 years of experience.

Speedometer B2B & B2C 360 Sales
Speedometer Transformation Leadership
Speedometer Operational Management & Expansion
Speedometer Family Business/ Entrepreneurship Development

Industries We Serve

Elevating industries through inspiration and innovation.

  • Service Industry
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial & Retail
  • BPO
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Environmental Care
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Wholesale
  • Health & Diagnostic
  • IT & Robotics
  • Real Estate


If you are looking for results with your sales & leadership team or aiming to raise VC/angel investor funding for your genuine start-up, you are looking at the right place. A 26 countries certified coach & Indian start-up funding consultant, I have trained more than 30,000 people across 1800+ trainings, and assisted start-ups and entrepreneurs in their funding journeys through investor connects & mentorship. MotivationalDiaries.com (India) & SalesDiaries.com (Global) are your mental toughness, sales, leadership, 1 on 1 coaching & funding consultation destinations for the results you crave for your dream teams. By the way, we start from the spirit, then move to the heart, the body, and finally the mind. We love working with organizations as crazy as us: They think differently and genuinely. If you connect to this, would love to talk to you.

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Contact Us on coach@motivationaldiaries.com for B2B & B2C sales, CXO leadership, and Entrepreneurship coaching