Training Topics

Training Topics

If you are getting ordinary results in your life and sales career, the simple reason for the same is because you have been following an ordinary road map. But, you see, the extraordinary are different-They are professionals. They are people who form valuable customer relationships, work harder and smarter than others, and sell way more than others, and thus go way far ahead. The extraordinary don’t lie or over commit. Instead, they work with 100% ethics, and under promise and over deliver to give maximum value to their customers. This coaching program is meant to get you on to that path-to give you a bridge of transit from the bottom 90% to the top 10%…and in the process, what you will realize is that not only will you end up having a great sales career, but also a great life where you would have added massive value, impacted thousands of life, and would be ready to leave a beautiful legacy for others to pick up from and build further on.









1. Leadership in Life

We tend to use the term leadership very loosely. When I say ‘Leader’,
perhaps, the first picture that comes to your mind is of a ‘man’ who is a CEO, a manager, a politician or some powerful figure. How sad is that for us to identify leadership in such a closed bracket. What about leadership of a woman who manages home and office at the same time? What about an entry level clerk who has most interactions with front end dealers? What about your janitor? And is leadership just defined by the number of years in experience and some notable achievements, or is it an ongoing growing path for existing managers and CEOs? Is it constrained just in office? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Leadership is a way of life of how one shows up every day when he/she gets up surrounded by family to when he/she gets out of the house to all people he/she interacts with before the day ends. Everyone is a leader; everyone must be a leader. This training focuses on developing leaders throughout the organization from all levels to instill a sense of pride and responsibility in the work they carry. When an organization has a pool
of leaders working together at all levels, the only result possible is growth.

2. Becoming a World Class Leader

This training equips you as a senior leader with first identifying the causes of such issues and then providing you with solutions in forms of teachings, tools, skills and realizations that the best leaders in the world understand and utilize to build phenomenal highly-impactful and driven teams. This training is a MUST if you are a senior level leader/manager.

3. Leadership Through Team Building and Collaboration 

What ‘you’ can do alone is nothing compared to what ‘we’ can build together. Working together doesn’t necessarily mean being similar. Instead, team work is more about complementing and utilizing unique strengths of each team member in the group to result in peak performance. Collaboration lies at the root of success, and today we, as responsible managers and leaders, spend time learning and working together to build a better team. We learn to appreciate the power of ‘us’ than ‘I’, we get out of our comfort zone, and take a step forward.

4. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Does it ever happen to your teams that you have trained them, done everything and for a bit they seem to be motivated, but then negativity, gossips and weak leadership kick back in? Do you know the real cause? It’s in practical working pyschology of professionals. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a modern pyschological tool designed to help humans perform at super abilities. HOW? By redefining the neurons and lingusitics applicability of our professionals just in 2 days! If you want a high achieving team, this training without a doubt is a MUST.


1. Attitude and Self-Belief

Challenges are part of human lives. We as humans try to avoid it and react negatively when faced with adverse conditions. What if the problem is not challenges, but are attitudes? This moving topic covers concepts of ‘Discovering Your Why at Work’, ‘Cherishing Challenges in the Work Environment (Staff Gossips, Feeling of Being Treated Unfairly, and Adapting to Changing Environments), and ‘How to Maintain Your Attitude’ amongst all such ‘crisis’ to come out as a winner. The biggest impact: Better employee Morales.

2.Focus and Time Management in the Social Media Age

what if your employees are not even able to focus on an important task for say five continuous seconds? What cost will it come at to your company? Can you imagine the impact impatience and distraction will have on not only your staff’s careers, but their personal lives and as ‘responsible’ members of the society? As a vicious circle, won’t that affect their work? The answer is obvious. A major issue, this training focuses on techniques and solutions on how to effectively use technology, manage time and focus in the new generation of social media. In a nutshell, how to get more done in less time and continue to live in the modern world without loss of focus.

3.Stress and Emotional Management

 It’s possible to eliminate 90% of stress from your life and monitor maximum of your emotions fueling more of the positives and drilling out the negative. This training will equip you with some tremendous insight on how to live and work healthier by killing stress and handling your emotions.

4. Overcoming Fears and Progressing as a Human

Mark Twain once said “I have lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Explains that even the best of minds have faced fear. We all have fears; most of them, though, are baseless. Ever wondered even when we know this why do we still have them? How do we overcome them? How do we identify which are the ones we should spend our times resolving, and which are the ones we shall eliminate? Even you while you reading this have some unsaid and untold fears which only you and your soul knows. Come, let me help you resolve them, and see things in a new light because you were born for greatness, and I will ensure that your fears don’t come in your way because beyond them is your success.

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