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Discover Your ‘WHY’?

I know you know some crazy people who seem to have this extra energy, drive, and confidence in the way they talk and walk with something you can’t define, but reflects in their enthusiasm. They stand out in the crowd. You remember them in a very positive vibe when they are gone. Who are these freaks who seem to be happy no matter what their age, religion and nationality? They may be bald, fat, short or tall, but they walk around like they are the real deal with a positive energy which is almost contagious. May be, he is that guy- The one living the life he wants to because he knows his purpose-his ‘WHY.’ The question is, do you know your why?

I am assuming the reason you are reading this article is because maybe you have some feelings that trigger you momentarily of what might be your calling. Maybe you have no idea about what you want to do with your life. It’s also possible you know exactly where you are going, but want to ensure you fuel your dreams with inspiration continuously to keep your focus on and successfully achieve whatever it is you have set out to. Well, just maybe, you are at the right place.

A Story

cafe business ambitionLet me tell you, why did I start this portal? I used to run a café earlier. I ran it for 2.5 years, and then had to shut it because I had high overheads. I was losing money. Even after working 14 hour days, I felt something was not right. I started the café because I was passionate about coffees. I still am; I love my strong cappuccino with 1.5 sachets of brown sugar! The challenge was that I wasn’t passionate about selling food. But I had to, to survive and grow. Not all went bad though. I closed some huge accounts  and grew a reputation of being one of the coolest outlets in the locality. Yet, I want to press again- I wasn’t 100% passionate about what I was doing. Though my heart was in coffees, I had to drive chunk of my business from food too.

You might be wondering why am I telling you all this? Because I am about to share with you one of the deepest secrets of living an extraordinary life. Are you ready? Here it is: I shared my story because 99% passion or commitment won’t win you the life you want, only 100% will. It’s only when you figure what you love and do what you love will you succeed. You will have to do it with complete dedication and a solid workable plan. That’s it. You got to look deep within you and ask yourself some very important questions: What do I love to do? What are my hobbies? If I were to do it for a living, will it fetch me enough to take care of my life?

Value of Passion

Now, if you are rich enough that money is not what drives you, you may still want to go deep to identify your passion(s). You will then be able to construct a way to guide your talents for something more than just money. In addition, it won’t still hurt if you made some extra bucks. But for most people out there, money is important. I would be kidding you if I said otherwise. Now, it definitely is not the most important, but for sure is very important. “It gives you access to things money will buy and more of the things which money won’t buy” (courtsey Zig Ziglar’s.)

What Commitment Really MeansSo how do I come from a 50% commitment towards my café to 100% commitment towards It’s because I sat down to reflect, and realized that there is one thing that I really love. I figured the power of it in my personal life that I have never missed it in the last 10 years. What is it? Reading books on self-help, leadership, business, dating, love, marriage, psychology, the workings of the human brain, biographies and autobiographies. It would bother me (it still would) if I missed a day of reading some great literature to better myself. Or didn’t watch a video or listened to some good audio recording to keep myself motivated to face the day’s challenge and win.

Then I figured, would it make sense if I start putting my experience and thoughts together to share wisdom of my life on an ongoing basis with others because chances are if motivation has the power to positively influence my life, it must have similar effects on others as it is a universal language which speaks directly to the soul. You know what my heart replied to it-a BIG YES!

Running a Business Out of Your ‘Why’

So, there I was sitting, putting together a plan to convert my ‘Why’ in to a plan. A plan I could put in to action to make a living while helping others realize the untapped greatness within them. Does it feel like work? Never. Do I get tired? Absolutely. But that’s because I work hard to balance my personal, work, emotional and spiritual life, not because I am not passionate about what I do, or because am not motivated.

May be you already know your why. If not, may be, if you try to identify, it will be easy for you find the asnwer. Or, perhaps, it will turn out to be the most daunting task. Whatever it is, you got to know one simple thing: You can have EVERYTHING in life you want…and beyond. Yes you can, and you can have it last, but you got to discover your ‘Why’ to get there. That’s the deal. Now, if you know you can have whatever you want, does it matter if it is easy or difficult to identify what your why is? Does your age matter if you know you can impact humanity in positive ways? Does it matter if you are a housewife, an employee of a big corporate, a teenager, a businessman/teacher/lawyer/dentist? No, it doesn’t. What matters is that you discover your ‘Why.’

Your Legacy

Once you do, sit down and plan. Think how can you convert it in to something that you can do for a living. Finally, build your legacy. When you are gone (as we all will be one day), people will look back in history, and remember you for your work which even after you will continue to influence the life of others and the society at large. When that happens, you can look down from heavens and smile knowing you lived a fulfilling life.

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