Enthusiasm Matters

Life ain’t worth a dime without enthusiasm, yet we all are spent so cheap. Enthusiasm, in simple words, is the energy, motivation and drive one has to do and be something and someone. Just like how all truths are, isn’t this one simple too? You see, an enthusiast seems as if a different breed-he has sparkles in his eyes-an energy like none other on this planet filled with unshakable hope and positivity. Speaking the truth, I, with my whole head and heart, believe that we were born to be extraordinary. Have you met an enthusiast before? Or maybe you are one or have had glimpses of being one? How does it feel being around one or being one yourself? Either or, it has an effect on people around.

enthusiasmAmerican businessman, poet, and humanitarian Samuel Ullman was once quoted saying “Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Electrifying, isn’t it? There is no right age, time, place or moment for enthusiasm-it is a state of being, meant for all. Yes, we do see a lot more excitement in kids, but that is because of their innocence. In fact, sadly, not only do we lose our own levels of enthusiasm as we grow older, we even kill our children’s with our negativity, anger, impatience and ‘life is tough and the World is there to get you’ thinking of ours. We kill the songs that we and those around us are meant to sing.

If we think about it for a minute, we will figure that we don’t have a genuine reason to not be enthusiastic. Does our self-belief of our physical abilities or our financial crisis or an ugly relationship or an abusive childhood really qualify for us to give-up on the only shot we got at life? No, it absolutely doesn’t. These are all excuses of an irresponsible individual who wants to blame the society, the people, the weather, the economy, and the legal system for his/her non-enthusiastic lifestyle and when he/she doesn’t know better, the same depressing baton gets passed on to once happy, energetic and enthusiastic children of theirs, sadly, creating a vicious cycle.

I am here to tell you another truth- being enthusiastic is one of the best ways to live an extraordinary life. I am here to persuade you that enthusiasm does make you breathe better, eat better, communicate better, dream greater, and chase them down. What is life worth without the energy to enjoy it? I want to encourage you to wake up to your potential to realize you are not here by chance. You mean a lot; you have the power within you to elevate the World, to be the positive hope, and to walk out their everyday with a phenomenal unshakable attitude. But you can only truly do this, when you first choose to be enthusiastic about living.

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