Never Give Up!

It seems like there is something vital we misinterpreted while growing up which causes us to really fail in life. When I say failure, I don’t mean falling, committing a mistake, or facing overwhelming obstacles. By failure, I mean giving up. Have you ever wondered why only a selected few people in this World are actually successful? What is the difference between them and the rest? What are they doing that others are not?

Regardless of if you know the answer(s) to the above questions or no, I want to ensure you one thing. Individuals who fulfill their dreams do so not because they were born lucky or are destined for success. In fact, most of them don’t come from rich families, they don’t have the best degrees, and of course, no, they don’t have more time than what others have in the day.

So, how is it then that with the same amount of time allotted to them as it is to everybody else, and with very ordinary (many times less than ordinary) backgrounds, some folks live highly successful almost magical lives, and the rest struggle to simply get by? Do you think about this gap between the successful and the unsuccessful; the rich and the poor often? Does it spin your head in frustration? If it does, well read the rest of this article very carefully because not only am I going to answer your question, but also persuade you to shift your thinking to get in course with becoming one of these highly successful individuals. Are you ready? Here it is.

never give upThe reason that some people seem to have it all figured out versus those who struggle throughout their lives is because of the difference in their mindset. Simply put, successful people never give up! Surprised? Let me say it again, successful people ‘NEVER GIVE UP.’ Perhaps you are wondering how can that just be it? Well it is, because those three words carry within them the tenacity with which great men and women live their lives by. American author, Richelle E. Goodrich summed it up beautifully when she said “You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it’s enough.” It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up.”

While growing up, we somehow learn that pain is a sad emotion. We are engineered to believe that pain is very bad. Now, it is different when you are in pain because you broke your leg while playing basketball, for instance, versus facing the discomfort of a challenging situation. In the former, you are bound to shed a few tears or/and suffer temporary pain. But the latter has a more long-lasting effect because it is pain of an emotional nature which may haunt our lives forever by keeping us small and in fear from pushing in the face of hard times. This is very important to understand.

You see, it is not that successful people don’t face obstacles. As a matter of that, the higher that one goes, the more severe such obstacles become. Winners win because they maintain a ‘never give up’ mindset and focus on what their goals are. They don’t depressingly dwell in the current scenario, and make it worse by doing nothing productive about it.

life challengesWe all have our set of challenges and opportunities in life; only their degrees may differ. The real difference, however, is how we respond to them. Do you look at a challenge and say to yourself “Oh damn!, No! Why me? This is so difficult; I can’t do this”, or do you say “Ok, I got this challenge which is fantastic because I am going to learn something from it which will make me better and smarter, and since my goal is to get to ‘xyz’, let me figure out how to get this obstacle out of the way.”

How you look at a particular circumstance determines how you approach it. If you crib about it, guess what?  It is not going to change anything, but, in fact, make it worse. Why? Well, because a) you have a challenge to overcome; and b) you are wasting your time thinking with a negative attitude. Common sense says, this definitely can’t be helpful. Instead, the only way you can get the situation to work in your favor is when you get up and do something to fix it! You tell me, what’s the point of having a negative attitude and worsening the situation? It’s not helping you any which ways. Isn’t it simply better to have a positive attitude and get on?

The Summary

Finally, know that, our belief that pain is bad, and that some people are just lucky & destined to have it all is complete non-sense. All men and women are created with 100% opportunity to live the life of their dreams. But yeah, only a fool will tell you that it will be served to you on the plate. If it were that way, then the real happiness which one feels from achieving success after tearing in blood and sweat along the way will lose it’s worth. Just say, that’s the way life rewards it’s best soldiers. You too have a 100% chance to your best life. Just make sure today on wards you change your mindset and see every obstacle as a stepping ladder towards your goal.

Most importantly, never give up.  Remember, what one of the greatest motivational speakers and authors of all times, Les Brown, often says, “It’s not over until you win.”

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