its whats in the mind that matters

It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters

Chances are that you have heard this or something very similar before: ‘It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters.’ It’s amazing to me that we hear so many of these cliches several times over in our lifetime, and yet we are not able to really comprehend the depth of their wisdom. I am guilty too. But what amazes me is that when I focus my attention deeply at them in my peaceful moments and really dig in, I always almost end up getting goosebumps. I, then, catch my new enlightened self asking me, “This has always been in front of you Ashish, you have heard it so many times over, and it is only now that you really understand it’s truth; what were you doing buddy (a slight smile)?” Well, better late than sorry! So, now look at this one once again: ‘It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters.

Honestly, if we just understood this, half of our problems would vanish instantaneously. Just by changing what kind of thoughts we think, what we say to ourselves, and to others, and most importantly how we process our emotions, we can change our world. That’s powerful. This is an important article people; I want you to focus on it’s point deeply because it can elevate your thinking, for good, permanently. Sounds great, right? Well, keep reading because it just gets better from here (also, there is an exciting source for you to ACT on at the end of this article!)

Firstly, understand that it is a mind’s game-for good or for bad, depends on our thoughts. According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) of University of Southern California, USA, studies show that on an average our mind processes about 70,000 thoughts/day. Ok, so let’s break it down to understand it better: 70,000 in a day means about 2917 thoughts per hour which means about 49 thoughts/minute. As you are reading this, chances are your mind is running 48 other thoughts this very minute. Can you believe that? Probably not, but it’s true because your mind is analyzing the colors of the table and walls around you, the temperature inside/outside where you currently are, who is next to you, some images and people in your head and your views and feelings about it and them respectively. Starting to make sense?

its in mindSo, even if we try to manage our thoughts and stay focused, at the very best, say we succeed at reducing the number of thoughts running through our heads by 80% (in all aspects, a very decent percentage), it is still 10 thoughts per minute. Yes, per minute there would still be 10 things we will be spending our time thinking about. Do I have to convince you that what we think about DOES MATTER? I hope you already understand that by now folks. But, what I do want to drive your attention to is that though we can think what we want, that’s the only thing we can control.

The challenge is that while, in reality, it should be an inside-outside journey, it is for most of us an outside-inside one. Most thoughts that we have are our reactions to things and people’s behavior on the outside. It’s what the authorities say is good and bad, or it’s because the US market is down that the global economy and our pockets are impacted. We tell ourselves, it’s because our partner doesn’t understand our feelings, and because we don’t have a great support system that our lives are so tough. Well, when we add all that up, it got to be tough to be upbeat and optimistic. This is what usually happens. But, this does not mean that it is right.

Let’s switch our approach and see what would happen if we adapt an inside-outside approach. If we focused on having and maintaining a positive attitude, working hard and smart, becoming an expert in our field, am 100% confident that regardless of what the authorities say, or how the US and global economies our fetching, our success is guaranteed. When the World would be cribbing about it’s problems, you and I will be figuring creative and better ways to solve them, and in the process become even more successful. In addition, if we couple the habit of maintaining a healthy attitude with taking responsibility for our relationships by planting the good seed of love, there are more than good chances that with regular investment of our time, we will, eventually, be reaping lifelong benefits.

For a change why don’t you and I look at the weather inside than the one outside, why don’t we become responsible rather than responsive to others, why don’t you and I think great than just think whatever. We can control our thoughts, right? Yes, it will push us, irritate us, and sometimes even be painful. But as I said in one of my earlier articles, it’s just the whole system which made us falsely believe that pain is bad while we were growing up.

In reality, most pains are great because they grow us and result in happier times. Knowing that, let’s enjoy and raise our life’s worth by paying the price of pain rather than increasing our debts by paying the price of regret. I would like to leave you with a quote that I read just before writing this article today which adds value to what I am saying. As you may know, Zig Ziglar is one of my favorites (sometimes, I feel like he is the family I never had the fortune to meet, so he left me with great wealth behind- his books, teachings, audios and videos). The quote comes from his book ‘Over the Top’:

“Most Americans honestly believe America is the most powerful nation on earth (my addition: for that matter many patriots believe the same about their respective nations), but actually, the most powerful nation is Imagi-nation.”

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Have a great one!

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