Sales 101

This five letter word ‘S-A-L-E-S’ is more important than what most people have any idea about. It is the only profession which really matters. If you are thinking, ‘No that’s not true’, you need to really rethink! If you, your company or business were not selling a product, service, or an idea, you would be broke! I am pretty sure, you won’t like that. Without sales, there would be huge chaos. Everybody is part of the whole called sales. 

Sales creates exchange amongst people and nations. This gives individuals a chance to travel, meet, socialize, and build relationships. These relationships lead to growth of human race in various aspects. If it weren’t for sales, we would still be a nomadic breed as most people would not otherwise then be driven to build things and work hard. As a result, they won’t show up in the world necessarily as good humans offering their products and services in exchange of gains which they could use to take care of their health, nurture a family, help others run their lives by cutting them a salary or profit, and further build products and services to help our world’s continuous evolution.

sales success 101What is the first vibration you feel in your mind and body when you hear the word ‘Salesman?‘ Chances are you are imagining someone dressed in a suit approaching you to sell something you don’t want. You in your head seeing this person approach you are already building a protection web before he can say anything. You are already disagreeing, and saying ‘No, thanks, am not interested.’ You are not happy seeing this person. You want to get rid of him. If you are a salesperson yourself, especially if you have just started your career, you might have confidence issues and see yourself as inferior. Maybe you are starting in sales because you can’t find any other job. You don’t want to sell, but for now it seems like you have to since you don’t have a choice.

If you are the latter one, let me tell you something you must understand to be as real as your breath my friend: If you are a salesman, you have at your disposal the best opportunity in the world. You have the most prestigious of the world’s responsibilities on your shoulder. You have the best chance to succeed at your own will. You have the best shot at becoming a billionaire. Chances are you will have great personal relationships. How is that? Simply because you (will) understand people, and know how to tackle different personalities. In my experience, that goes a long way.

A salesman has the best opportunity to lead a company because he knows how to generate money and teach others how to do the same. My gut says the board of directors love people who can make money (I wonder why!) Being in sales makes you look better because it demands you stay physically fit which is essential to making more calls, visiting more clients, and thus making more money. If you are a successful salesman, a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a successful entrepreneur, or the president of a nation, you know exactly what I am talking about. A salesman is one of the most prestigious citizens out there.

Sales 101

Sales is the ONLY profession which drives growth. If it weren’t for sales, there won’t be any money exchanging hands. There won’t be any HR departments, administrations, chartered accountants, banks, and other institutions. People won’t go to work, and a big part of our existence would be taken away from us. People would be selfish and only produce for themselves, not for others. If it weren’t for sales, people won’t have the drive to thrive. The list is non-ending.

Lesson 101: Sales and Salesman Really Matter.

-A Proud Salesman

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