You Got To Win

Sometimes you got to let go of what the world thinks of you and expects. Sometimes, you even got to let go of what you think of yourself and expect. Further sometimes, you got to let go off everything you know to become what you have always wanted to. You need to do this because life is only once, and only this once ‘You Got to Win.’

It still surprises me why does winning not come naturally to us? Why are so many humans deprived of winning? Or is it that they are not deprived, but have learnt to be that way? Why would the planet that created us not want us to win? Why would, for that matter, the whole of universe not want that to happen? Now that my friend is not the truth. What I do know and strongly persuade you to understand is that the force that created us does want us to win. Ask a successful person, and she will tell you ‘Yes, it’s possible.’  You may then be wondering why is that only a countable number of people have ever been able to achieve success? The answer to all these mysteries lies in our thinking.

Understanding Success

winnerThere are two things: One which we would like for to happen and the other that actually happens. For instance, I want the water to boil at ninety degrees Celsius. But, you see, the water will only boil when the temperature reaches hundred degrees. No matter how much I would want for it to boil faster, it just wont. So, does that mean I give up on the water boiling? Or should I adjust my attitude by accepting that it will boil at hundred degrees this time and every time, and conduct myself in alignment with the natural law? You are smart enough to figure out the answer for that.

Is it possible that we have simply misunderstood the process of success? It’s not that success is meant for only a few ‘lucky’ ones. Ask any ‘lucky’ person and you will hear a heart touching story behind that luck being created through sheer hard work, pain, and commitment. Let’s change our thinking and bridge the gap between how we want things to happen and how they actually happen. You and I just wanting to become successful by trying once or twice and then giving up thinking it is just not meant for us doesn’t mean that’s how the success process works. Let’s re-discover the process itself.

How to Become Successful?

  1. Realize that the real thing that differentiates a winner from a loser is that the former always gets back up once more when the loser doesn’t. In other words, always practice perseverance.
  2. Albert Einstein defined insanity as ‘Doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.’ Understand, if an approach is not reaping you the desired outcome whether it be your health, relationships, work, or personal growth, you need to change your approach, and try a new one. You might have to do this several times before you figure out what works best for you. But until you risk changing, nothing will ever change.
  3. Don’t live in the past. Our minds naturally tend to wander back to our old memories making us believe we have seen it all and good times are behind us. Past events such as a broken relationship, death of a loved one, an unfit body, or a financial crisis effect our prospects for the future. As tough as it is, you need to stop looking back. Even if you are 55 years old, for instance, you still have a good 20 years to go. That’s a lot of time to do a lot of things, and make a lot of new memories. Meditate, let go, read, meet new people, change your environment. What I mean is that do whatever it takes to bring your mind out of the past, and instead focus on a beautiful future. Give your life a second chance.
  4. Finally, savor falling. Pain is great for growth and should always be cherished. Suffering is the only path that leads to success. Start to enjoy the obstacles and set backs in your life. See them as opportunities to evolve. Stick in there, and realize, pain is temporary, but your growth will be permanent. You will always have challenges in your life regardless. People will betray you, downgrade you, someone you love will hurt you, and your health will sometimes challenge your mental toughness. Face these challenges head on, and know that these are your golden opportunities to evolve and become more of the person you have always wanted to. No pain, no gain. You see, you got to win.

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