Get Back Up, Refocus, and Restart

focus restartYou are ‘X’ years old. Life has given you your share of experiences. You have gone through a lot, and after everything, it just seems like no matter what you do, nothing seems to eventually work out. You have tried a lot of times-not once, twice, or thrice, but a lot more. Still, you say, “Ok, let me try one more time. This time I am going to work harder.” You seem to be filled with excitement when you restart, it feels like ‘THIS IS IT.’

When all seems to be going good, something completely unexpected happens. Having prepared yourself with the strong mindset that you did when you re-started, you fight it, and better, successfully overcome it. There you are pushing forward again. Better things start to happen; you start to build believe in your abilities; you feel stronger. Then finally there it comes: On a normal day, from nowhere, something ‘disastrous’ happens. It shatters all that you have worked for. You try to gather courage, but after everything, it just seems like it is going to be another sad end.

Some Important Questions

Do you relate to the pattern above? Does it link to some of the challenges you have faced in life? May be you are going through one right now. If you are nodding your head, or feel some sort of connection with the pattern described above, I want you to focus hard when you are reading the next few lines. For five minutes, just pause everything else that you are doing and thinking about, and concentrate here. Answer me on this: If I have never met you, seen you, and don’t know you at all, than how am I able to describe something that has happened to you? Further, think about this: Do you know how many people are reading what you are reading, and just like you nodding their heads in agreement? Why? How is it so that so many people with no connection between them can all relate to one pattern?

Realizing How the Universe Works

Well, don’t stress too much. What is happening is completely normal. In fact, there are a lot of people who haven’t read this, but have gone or are going through similar situations in their respective lives. If they are to read this article too, they are bound to agree to the pattern. This is not a coincidence. Instead, it is one of nature’s beautiful laws of existence. Just like the Sun rises in the east, and sets in the west; exactly how the law of gravity is same anywhere on our planet; and just like regardless of our color, religion or nationality, we all need water and food to survive, in the same way, for us to reach where we want to, regardless of where and who we are, life challenges us at regular intervals, and mostly harshly when we least expect it.

Don’t hate this pattern; rather understand it. You can’t alter where the Sun rises, or the pull of gravity, so you simply accept it. In the same way, welcome the challenges that life throws at you as part of the success process. By welcoming, I don’t mean giving-up when you feel you can’t take it anymore. Absolutely not. That is not what nature wants from you. It wants you to win. But poor understanding of the natural laws makes you misunderstand it as something that life has against you. You, then, pity yourself by saying “I am just not cut for this.” Get Back Up, Refocus, and Restart.

Never Give Up

What’s interesting is that the process didn’t end where you gave up. In fact, if you didn’t give up, and just pushed once more, in most cases, you would have made it. You see, life throws its biggest obstacle right before it can award you with success. Digest this fact. If you overcame an obstacle that felt to you like ‘the biggest obstacle’, and yet you didn’t succeed, well, that simply means, it wasn’t the biggest obstacle: There is more coming. Don’t chicken out from this; instead be smart and play your part in the process. This is natural and happens to everybody in different degrees. Be ready for that next obstacle because you don’t know which one will be the last. What if the next one is the last? You will be glad you didn’t give up when you felt like. Knowing the process, you followed through.

I keep going back to the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, and what Will Smith tells his son: “You want something, go get it; period.” Add to this another powerful truth which Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers of all times, often repeats, “It’s not over until you win.” Dig these truths in your head, heart, and spirit with complete conviction. Remind yourself, “Before I can get what I really want, as part of nature’s process, life will throw its biggest challenge at the most unexpected of times. All I got to do is, keep moving forward.” 

Your mind can be your gift or curse; it depends upon how you use it. Read here to realize “It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters.”

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