7 Reasons Why Mondays Are Fantastic

You had a great weekend. You got to hide in your comfort. May be you went out with friends, or grabbed some popcorn and watched a movie on your computer. May be you had a nice get away with your partner, or you simply caught up on your sleep. It’s 10 PM on a Sunday night, and you realize you got to go back to work tomorrow. During the last two days, you had forgotten all about it. It felt so good. Now suddenly, the clock reminds you it’s a Monday tomorrow, and you realize it’s still a long way when you get your next weekend reward to hide.

Just the thought drains you out. You feel, just if you had one more day to rest, it would be perfect. The fact is that it would never be enough; you will always want that one extra day to ‘get ready.’ Why is that we hate Mondays? Is it actually the day’s fault that it falls on a Monday? I mean poor fellow; it comes once every week just like any other day. Well, if you do hate Mondays, or even if you don’t hate it, but don’t have any such liking for it, I am here to disagree with you and prove to you that it is possibly the best day of the week. Want to find out why, here are 7 Reasons Why Mondays Are Fantastic:

  1. A New Beginning to the Week

    New Beginning MondayMondays provide us a fresh opportunity to start all over again, and make things happen. Sometimes during the week, we lose track of what we wanted to really do versus what we end up achieving. If you used your Sunday productively to plan your week ahead, Monday can be the best day as you regain your focus to push for your goals.

  2. Opportunity to Gain an Edge 

    Monday provides an edge to those who are ready to put in the effort. Most people when they show up to work on a Monday take a while before they get back on to their horses, and are able to give their best. You can have an edge over them because you can use that time to actually pace up, and get the most important activities done first. Yes, you might feel exhausted at the end of the day, but I promise you will also feel proud that you got the most challenging tasks of the week out of the way. As a result, the rest of the week will seem to be a smooth ride.

  3. It is the best day to spread a smile

    spread smileHave you seen people’s faces (perhaps even you have been guilty) on a Monday? They look as if someone just did not let them sleep the whole weekend, and now they have been dragged to punishment. In the face of such crisis, imagine if you show up with a broad smile and lots of energy. Trust me, you will light everybody else up even those who might think that you are crazy!

  4. An opportunity to get the first 20% right

    Some wise people say, ‘How you start matters.’ If you have a five day work week, each day counts for 20% of your progress and productivity. Starting the week right then definitely has a lot of value because it sets the tone.

  5. Best day to break the ice

    You have that all important meeting with the big guy, and you don’t want to mess it up. You are thinking of how to break the ice, and get in to his comfort zone. Well, if it’s a Monday, you don’t need to try too hard; just start with ‘How was your weekend?”, and see the ball roll. It always works.

  6. Mondays are a perfect opportunity to get up early

    wake up earlyYou have tried it over and over again, and consistently failed. In the middle of the week, you give up, and completely forget about it thinking ‘next time.’ Guess what, your next time is here. Weekend gives us a great opportunity to fuel our tanks up, and get set to roar. Make sure you get it right this time by starting your day right (watch the video on benefits of starting your day right here.)

  7. Those cappuccinos are the best on Mondays

    So, you pushed out of the bed early this Monday morning, worked out, had a good meal, are planned and pumped up to make it happen. Just a perfect time to get that sensational cup of your favorite coffee. Doesn’t it just smell and taste better than any other day? The point is Enjoy Your Monday!

P.S.: Don’t blame it on the day for your procrastination. Take responsibility, and make things happen because you will have a lot of time to sleep when you are gone. This is the time to get up, and make things happen. If you suffer from procrastination like many do, click here to read the article to get great insights on how to overcome it.

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