Why Do You Always Give Up On Yourself?

I want to ask you a serious question today. I want you to leave all that you are involved with this very moment and pay full attention to my question. Tell me why do you always give up on yourself?

why do you always give upYou start something-a new project, a new business, a new job, a new relationship, a new diet, or a new workout routine. In the beginning, you pursue your new found purpose/desire/destiny (whatever you may want to call it) with the most positive excitement and no element of doubt in your abilities to make it happen this time. You tell yourself “Yes, all that happened was worth it because it got me to where I am today, and knowing what I know now, there is nothing that can stop me this time from accomplishing what I have been wanting to for so all these years.” This is you at your best.

Then suddenly, one day something happens– Something which shakes your belief just a little bit. You let doubt enter your mind for just that one second. But doubt being the parasite it is, it grows in your mind multiplying at a ferocious speed, and before you know, it takes over all your excitement, optimism, and drive. It once again has succeeded in invading your greatness, and has let you to your downfall.

Do you think this all just happened by itself, or do you  have a feeling that, somewhere, you hold some sort of accountability for such a let down? Let me put it as bluntly as I can: No matter what the situation, you are 100% responsible for it. You may be saying “Oh no Ashish, you don’t understand what happened to me. I did everything I possibly could and beyond, and yet I failed. I am just not cut out for this.” No, I already know all these excuses, and yet I am saying that you are completely liable for your choices. Do you know why? It’s because you let the fear of losing and doubt overrule your drive; you forgot what you told yourself when you started. Later, when you faced some pain and obstacles on your way, you said to yourself that you can’t take it. It’s you who is giving up on yourself. My question to you again is WHY?

The Secret of Critical Mass

critical massDon’t you know by now that it is only through certain amount of pain that you will launch to success! Scientists call it the critical mass. Did you know that a rocket uses more fuel to leave Earth’s atmosphere than what it uses in the rest of its journey in space. That is some serious thought for you to reflect on. Think and compare that to your situation. Why is that before you can achieve anything notable, you ought to suffer substantially? Why is that just before something good can happen to you, you give up? You really think it is a mere coincidence that it always happens like that? Do you really believe that such things happen only to you? I want you to really understand that no, it isn’t just you. This is how stuff works. Accept it. Face it. Conquer it.

Realize that it is definite that you will face countless obstacles on your path. The right approach is to not give up, but to face them head-on, overcome them, and keep moving forward. Realize that sometimes things will go not as planned, and you will create blunders. A champion is not the one who gives up in face of failure, but the one who learns, gets back up, and continues to push till he reaches his goal.

Doing Vs Knowing

Doing vs KnowingSome of you may have heard all this before, and know all that I am talking about already. But remember knowing is very different from doing. Question is what are you doing with the wisdom you have because if you are doing nothing about it, then its as good as not having it. These are not meant to be just feel good lines, but are to be carefully understood and implemented upon. There are people who have overcome severe adversities, and say rather, won the life they wanted. Viktor Frankl, Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Lionel Messi are all witnesses to this truth.

Here is the fact I want to drive home with you today: Pain is temporary, obstacles are just a part of the process, but success and destiny are ultimate. Take the road less traveled, and unleash the greatness others can only dream of. Take the road all travel in false security, and get what others are getting- Mediocrity. As Will Smith famously told his (real life) son Jaden Smith in the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, “If you want something, go get it. Period.”

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