Now, What is Motivation? Is it Overrated?

You hear it all the time, all over the place; everybody talks about it: Positively and negatively. You hear it so much that sometimes you believe the concept of ‘motivation’ is overrated. It’s just a thing that is good to talk about or something that makes you temporarily feel better, but that’s all to it. The reality is different: Much bitter and uglier. Are you nodding your head in agreement? If so, or even if you believe positive motivation is powerful, but have some doubts about it, the real question you are asking is, what is motivation and does it really work?

Before I get to answering that, answer one question for me if you may: Does preparing thoroughly for an exam way before hand work? Or, you really believe the fellow who shows up for an important test unprepared will ace it? Maybe she will get lucky once, twice, or thrice, but that’s the end of it. If she continues to get lucky, then you bet she was paying attention in class, and studied before entering that hall because she understood the importance of doing well. My next question then to you is, if you knew a test was important, and thus studied hard for it because you realized it will define a lot where you go next, won’t you prepare yourself for the ultimate test if you knew it will define whether you will live the life of your dreams or that of regret? Won’t you prepare for life itself?

All life is, is a playground. It will give you opportunities and setbacks. It will test you and reward you if you are prepared and do your best. You don’t need to be perfect, just do your best. Else it will throw you in the dirt and punish you. Where you are today in life, no matter how much you try to put the blame on others, the ugly truth is, it’s all because you got yourself here. Yes, every passing moment when you decided to watch TV instead of reading a great book, getting angry instead of loving, sleeping instead of working out, taking the back seat when you should have been facing your fears, you let life slip by. Each of your choices have added up, and got you to where you stand now.

You are now questioning life and its purpose. Some of you might even believe that being alive is a punishment. I know many adults who think like this. But, I don’t no a single kid, rich or poor, who ever thought life is a pain. I have always seen children from all over the world, regardless of their circumstances, laughing, enjoying, letting go, and pushing unaffected by their setbacks and failed attempts hungry to get to the finish line. Children, as I know, are the best visionaries and the most daring souls.

Then, where does all this courage and excitement go as we grow up? How does fear build its place in our lives? You see, as our domestication process commences in school, at home, and in our social circle, fear gets instilled. We get scared to make mistakes and look foolish in front of our peer group. As humans, we have a need to belong and to be able to relate. But, in doing so, we pay a heavy price: The price of our dreams. Why am I telling you all this? What am I getting to? Well, it’s time we connect the dots.

What is Motivation?

What is MotivationUnderstand that life truly is a gift, but there isn’t any free lunch. You either pay the price to win or lose. Either way, you pay. Knowing now that this is how life works, won’t you prepare for it accordingly? Forget what you have done so far when it came to difficult circumstances in your life. If you really haven’t enjoyed pain, then it’s time you adapt a new way. Life will test you at every stop: In your health, relationships, career, and while searching for your destiny. It will want to see how badly do you want what you desire for. Are you worth it? Motivation, then, is your preparation to life’s biggest questions. It is your holy code to enjoy life’s rewards by winning its toughest battles.

Only the verbal usage of the word motivation is overrated. But, its implementation (which is where its magic lies) is extremely underrated. Ask a person who acts on what he learns from preparing for life’s challenges by reading great books, watching inspirational movies, moving forward in face of fear, and showcasing courage to do what is necessary. Almost always, you will hear from this person ‘Oh Yes! motivation works!’ What this person is actually saying is that just hearing about motivation may not work as you would wish for it (that is just the beginning), but acting on its valuable lessons surely will. Motivation to search for your truth, to challenge yourself, to take the next step, to keep pushing when no one believes in you, and to learn from your mistakes is what works. Now, what is motivation? It’s your biggest opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

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