How to Get Rich?

You have been working hard and pushing the boundaries. Your family and friends think you are going crazy. They demand you take some time out to relax and unwind. You are constantly bombarded with statements such as what you are doing to yourself is not right; you need to take care of your health first. But you are a brave soul. You know exactly what you want and have your focus on your goal; your dream.

Wouldn’t you want to sleep eight hours, and not just five? Wouldn’t you want to go out on a Saturday and have fun? Won’t you want to spend more time with that special someone? Won’t you want to spend money on a vacation? New clothes? Watch TV? Go for a movie? The answer is, of course, a big ‘YES’ to all of those desires. But since you are a man/woman who understands the value of delayed gratification, you are sacrificing all of that for now. Yet, the finish line seems far.

getting richThough you are prepared for disappointments along the way, it is getting tough. So many tries, so much hard work, but not the expected outcome yet. Here and there you sense success, but it seems like good news comes coupled with bigger challenges. On certain occasions, it even feels like after all the hard work, you are in fact being pushed back; forget moving ahead. It’s getting to you. You are getting frustrated. Very frustrated!

You feel like giving up; you feel you can’t take it anymore. You have done enough, and yet the results are not what you expect them to be. The worst, you can’t even share it with anybody because they won’t understand. What if they laugh at you? What if they look down upon you because of your continuous failures? If this is what you are facing, then you are at the right place my friend. If you are doing all the hard work, and still not getting the results you want, there is only one thing which stands between you and success. You are missing only one link to the billion dollar question of how to get to the finish line. But, this link is crucial. In fact, let me say in your case, it is the single most important aspect.

The Secret to Success

Are you really hungry for success? Have you faced enough pain? Have you sacrificed enough? If you have, then read carefully, and understand that the reason you still don’t have what you want is because somewhere deep within you, you have a fear that you may not have it. Deep down, you doubt yourself. There is that feeling, that fear of what if you don’t make it. What if you fail?

secret to successOn the surface you are doing everything you can, and more. Trust me, I know the feeling. I know what pain and sacrifice are. I know what it means to be up till 4 in the morning pushing, and to get back up at 8, and keep pushing day in and day out. I really know what it means when people question you. I have been there. But only that did not make me successful. I got to the finish line only when I realized that before anything can really happen the way I want it to, I need to reprogram myself. I first need to believe in myself. I need to really go deep down and ask myself: Do I believe I deserve success? Do I REALLY believe I deserve to be rich?

It is only when I worked upon persuading myself with 100% conviction that ‘yes, I truly deserve to be rich and successful’ did things start to turn around for me. And they will for you too.


As simple as that one word sounds, I wish it were that simple. But, it’s not. It’s easy to begin, but challenging to maintain. How do you stick to a thought process that gets you to success and riches? In the midst of all the negativity, accusations, and fear of losing, how do you maintain complete conviction to become successful? Where do you start?

Remember this: Everything you want and dream for, let me repeat: EVERYTHING you want (health, relationships, job, business, money, meaning of life) lies in the power of your subconscious mind. This is not just a statement. Though I am confident that you have heard about the power of the subconscious mind somewhere, but, do you really now how to use it to get the results you want?

How Do I Know?

work hard success resultsI am an individual driven by results. If one puts in an effort, there will be a result: good or bad depends upon actions. So the question that drove me insane then for the longest time was if I am doing everything right-Working hard, working smart, and sacrificing the instant pleasures of life for a better future, why is that, still, I am not where I want to be?

Why are you still not successful? Why are you still not rich? Doesn’t that question drive you insane? I bet it does which is why you are reading this. To cut a long story short, this question became my life’s obsession. I started researching and looking for deeper solutions backed by evidence. I asked myself, why is that only a few people are truly successful? I figured, it wasn’t luck. Luck comes to all of us. Sooner or later, it will come to you as well; many times more than once.

Though it took me ages to crack it, I am happy to share that I did. I found and learnt how to use the magic that lies in our subconscious minds. The issue with most people is that they have been misguided on how to utilize this power effectively, and they thus use it loosely. Many believe it works for others, or they pass comments such as ‘Oh, I tried, but it doesn’t work; it’s non-sense.’ Many wonder their whole lives, ‘Does it really work?’ Let me answer all that in one line: Yes, the power of your subconscious mind always works. The only difference is, it doesn’t work the way you have been told it does.

Let’s Get You to the Finish Line

If you are truly interested in tapping in to the huge riches which can be achieved from your subconscious mind, then e-mail me on, and I will work with you one on one to help you make your dreams come true.

My only question to you is how hungry are you to win?

Your coach,

Ashish Janiani

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