What is The Real Secret to Success?

Are you reading this because you would like to become rich? Or are you reading this because you want to become rich?

Similar questions, but two very different mindsets. When I say rich here, I am referring to financial gains (though there is a lot of richness in personal health, social relationships, and spirituality as well.) Let me re-emphasize and ask you again: Would you like to become rich? or Do you want to become rich?

If you are the first kind, then chances of you getting rich are faint. Why? Simply because there are one too many likes, and most of them just happen to be out there with no genuine commitment to fulfill them. On the other hand, if you want to become rich, then this article will reveal a secret which the rich practice. But before you read further, decide whether getting rich is your like or want?

rich versus poor

If you are still reading, I hope you chose ‘want’ up there because lasting richness is achieved easier by those who want it. Sounds unfair? Not really. When you want something really badly, you will do anything to get it versus you trying your luck to see ‘if things work.’ You see, true wealth sits with those who are hungry for it. They won’t settle for anything less, and until they get there, they don’t stop.

Word of Caution: When I say ‘hungry’, it includes working ethically under the law with the right attitude.

An Example to Live By

Real Secret to SuccessChris Gardner is one of the best testimonials  to this philosophy. Remember Will Smith’s Oscar nominated lead role in ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ ? The movie is a true account of Chris’s life of how he went from being broke and homeless to a multimillionaire. Do you believe if Chris gave himself a choice to succeed or fail, he would have made it? I don’t think so. He made it (and made it in a big way) because he really wanted to. What seemed like the worst adversity of his life became his biggest blessing as it left him with no choice, but to succeed.

Though I never hope for any one of you to be in the situation he was in, I definitely want you to adapt his mindset. If you really want to get rich, don’t give yourself a choice, but to become really rich. Don’t just want to try for it or give it a shot. Instead, give it all that you have and don’t settle till you get there. This is the simple secret of the rich. YES, this is it!

The Lesson

Winston Churchill said: “Never, never, never give up.” Read, eat, gulp, digest, wake up, work on it, and sleep with this thought ever single day till you get there. Keep pushing; keep moving forward. The beautiful reality is that as you keep approaching your goals with one and only one intention which is to get there, the universe or God or the higher power (whatever you may want to call it), will make way for you, and create opportunities which otherwise did not exist.

Ask yourself, what is the real secret to success? What is that the rich have which you don’t? What does it take to become rich? The starting place is commitment to get there by doing whatever it takes. 

Want to learn more on commitment, then read here or pick up a book on understanding richness from here.

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