daily motivation matters

Daily Motivation Matters

Zig Ziglar said and I repeat his words here, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily.” Now, if you can absorb that in your system, you may not even read further, but as what we hear and read influences what we become, I take this opportunity to persuade you that folks ‘Daily Motivation Matters.’

daily motivation mattersHave you ever been to a motivational seminar, read an inspiring story on success, listened to a motivational audio, song or speech? How did you feel right after that? Chances are that you felt positive, happy, more confident and excited about yourself, the now and your future. Let me ask you, was the level of excitement and optimism same the next day, provided you did not attend another motivational seminar or read another inspiring story on success or listened to another motivational audio, song or speech? Chances are you are saying, “Ashish, though I was still excited and optimistic, but the degree of it was definitely lower than what I felt right after a motivational occurrence.” Some of you might confess that self-doubt had yet again started to make its way after a while. So, the question that then comes up is why so?

Well, I am glad to share that it is a simple Science guys: When you were in the middle of a motivational occurrence, your brain was releasing neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin amongst others which are responsible for positive attitude and feelings of happiness, less anxiety & stress. As time passed, and you couldn’t give your brain another dose of motivation, the effect of such neurotransmitters started to decline. Isn’t that what exactly happens (hypothetically comparing) when you take a shower and then, for what so ever reason, aren’t able to shower for the next two days; the feeling of freshness fades away? The fact here is obvious: the development of neurotransmitters is in direct proportion to the supply of healthy occurrences (physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.)

Let me question you on one more all too often common scenario: If you ever got sick (not that I wish that way, but being human, you might have witnessed such an unwanted feeling), and you felt pathetic on the inside which made look everything on the outside pathetic, in that particular moment, you perhaps said to yourself, “I promise, I am going to take care of myself, just oh lord/the higher power, help me this time.” Chances are, well the folks above did hear you, and say you committed to taking care of yourself. If that so happened, let’s for a moment analyse the situation to understand a crucial lesson which is that you got sick because (until it was totally unexpected) you waited till something major happened to realize you needed to make a few adjustments. All too often, this is the same practice we adapt intentionally or unintentionally when it comes to motivation; we wait till we feel so low, anxious, lonely or depressed that we can’t do without it. Now, let’s say you were aware of the adverse effects of not taking care of your health beforehand, and, more importantly, committed to self-disciplining yourself to healthy eating and exercise habits regularly. Chances then are, for the most part, that not only did you not get sick, but you succeeded in adding extra energy and years to your life.

Dear friends, motivation is no different. Don’t wait till you are so low that you can’t do without it. Rather knowing what you know now, commit to daily motivational hour fueled with reading great books, listening to fantastic audios, and attending seminars by inspirational people because when you do so, you ensure yourself high consistent supply of neurotransmitters which naturally push you to perform better at work, home, and in your personal and spiritual life. Remember, ‘Daily Motivation Matters.’ Do not wait till you get sick or ‘stinking’; life is about moving forward, not managing to stay where you are.

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