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It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters

Chances are that you have heard this or something very similar before: ‘It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters.’ It’s amazing to me that we hear so many of these cliches several times over in our lifetime, and yet we are not able to really comprehend the depth of their wisdom. I am guilty too. But what amazes me is that when I focus my attention deeply at them in my peaceful moments and really dig in, I always almost end up getting goosebumps. I, then, catch my new enlightened self asking me, “This has always been in front of you Ashish, you have heard it so many times over, and it is only now that you really understand it’s truth; what were you doing buddy (a slight smile)?” Well, better late than sorry! So, now look at this one once again: ‘It’s What’s in The Mind That Matters.

Honestly, if we just understood this, half of our problems would vanish instantaneously. Just by changing what kind of thoughts we think, what we say to ourselves, and to others, and most importantly how we process our emotions, we can change our world. That’s powerful. This is an important article people; I want you to focus on it’s point deeply because it can elevate your thinking, for good, permanently. Sounds great, right? Well, keep reading because it just gets better from here (also, there is an exciting source for you to ACT on at the end of this article!)

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Find Your Destiny

I know you know some crazy people who seem to have this extra energy, drive, and confidence in the way they talk and walk with something you can’t define, but reflects in their enthusiasm. They stand out in the crowd. You remember them in a very positive vibe when they are gone. Who are these freaks who seem to be happy no matter what their age, religion and nationality? They may be bald, fat, short or tall, but they walk around like they are the real deal with a positive energy which is almost contagious. May be, he is that guy- The one living the life he wants to because he knows his purpose-his ‘WHY.’ The question is, do you know your why?

I am assuming the reason you are reading this article is because maybe you have some feelings that trigger you momentarily of what might be your calling. Maybe you have no idea about what you want to do with your life. It’s also possible you know exactly where you are going, but want to ensure you fuel your dreams with inspiration continuously to keep your focus on and successfully achieve whatever it is you have set out to. Well, just maybe, you are at the right place.

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Tips to Overcome Fears

No matter who and where you are, there is some sort of a fear in you. Whether it be your looks, physique and health, your financial success, lack of emotional stability in your relationships or a missing purpose in life; or any other form or variation of any of these. They have shadowed your greatness and are delaying your progress. Don’t you sometimes just wish for a magic wand to take away all your fears? If you are nodding your head, I want to wake you up. We both know there ain’t any Harry Potter wand out there. So does that mean that you can never overcome your fears and have the life of your dreams?

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How to Plan Successfully

Let me ask you straight-up: Would you work for a company which doesn’t know why it exists? Doesn’t have yearly, quarterly and monthly goals? Doesn’t know what its profits/losses are? And doesn’t know what is it interviewing you for? Would you, or have your brother(s)/sister(s)/kid(s) attend a school/college/university which doesn’t have a curriculum? Doesn’t have evaluation sessions and parent-teacher meetings to reflect on the growth of the student? Well, my gut says, since you are on this page and because you are a smart individual, your answer to all the above questions is a big ‘NO.’

Now, my most important question to you is

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