Nothing happens without self-belief! When I say nothing, I mean NOTHING-good or bad. You believe you are having a rough day, trust me, there are strong chances, it is going to be a rough day. If you believe that all men and women in the 21st century are mean and nasty, and that kindness and trust are things of the past, well, count that it is damn true.

Then, there is a man who believes that the World is full of people filled with love in their hearts, faith in their dreams, and passion in their work. Guess what this man, with such beliefs, ends up getting-immense love from others, and a productive successful life full of faith and passion. The simple reality is, in golden words, which is my duty to remind you about, “It’s not what goes on the outside, but what goes on the inside that determines how your world is.” It is not about the weather outside or the rude fellow driving besides you who curses you on his way while rushing through the ‘go light’ or your spouse getting mad at you because you don’t understand him/her. It is about how you look at the weather outside, the rude driver overtaking you, and your spouse losing it. Keep in mind and remind yourself that ‘this is the only day you got.’ So, you rather see the beauty in the weather, humor in a guy getting upset over traffic (well, which neither you or him can help by more than a few inches!) no matter how hard he tries, and being next to your spouse and realizing that he/she simply needs to feel your love and care. It is what you believe in to be true. It is how you see things, people and situations. Don’t you think with as many as 65,000 thoughts crossing one’s mind, as several researches all over the World confirm, it is most important what kind of self-belief do you hold about yourself? I hope your answer is an absolute, definite, YES!

self belief

Furthermore, I am confident that you might have heard of self-belief hundreds and thousands of times before, but I can bet on my precious belief system, that well, you have also heard multi-thousand times that you should brush your teeth twice a day to keep healthy gums, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, five times a week to stay fit, and not eat that juicy burger or gulp that soda when you are tempted. I am sure you have also heard things like you should get up early, plan your days, months and year, meditate, journal, and keep educating yourself to exercise your mind muscles. The question is, are you actually doing these things even after knowing and hearing them so many times over?

You see, if you are going to have 65,000 thoughts running through your head daily any which ways, then why not have thoughts of love, happiness and faith; thoughts of trusting the process, remembering your greatness, working on yourself to make yourself better (the World needs you my friend-it REALLY needs you to shine.) After all, thoughts don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. But, you know it, so choose great thoughts.

Finally, I want to emphasize that your self-belief and that internal dialogue that you conduct with yourself are the key to everything else you want to do, achieve, and become. Believe in yourself, your greatness, your dreams, and once you do, work on yourself every day to grow that belief. My suggestion to get started-read great books, listen and watch motivational audios and videos, meditate on your vision (make sure you have one), and when you look back at a life of fulfillment, you will know that you lived your dreams because you believed you would.

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