Do You Know What Commitment Really Means?

I don’t know your name or age; I don’t know what you want or desire. Further, I don’t even know which part of the world are you reading this from. But, I do know one thing: No matter who you are, where you stay, whatever your age may be and whatever you do, until…….and unless YOU commit to success, you, sadly are going to live a mediocre and unfulfilling life.

What DO I mean by ‘Commitment?’

What Commitment Really MeansCommitment is a high performing (completely legal and healthy) drug which is made of goals, focus, action & adaption, pain (lots of pain!), reflection, and persuasion which you have to consume daily till you get to your desired goal. Period.

Stop giving excuses of why one or more aspect of your life (whether it be your health, relationships, work, or knowing your purpose of existence) is not where you want it to be. Instead, take responsibility, and then commit to making it happen no matter what. Even if you don’t read anything else ever, just remember this is how success is attained-through massive commitment.

What I DON’T mean by ‘Commitment?’

Next, understand commitment does not mean trying and giving up when you feel you have had enough because you don’t have money (create it), no support (build it), no clarity of the future (reflect and find mentors) or any other excuse you convince yourself with, and sell to others to hide the fact that you gave up!

Let me give you an example from the set of people I have a lot of passion and respect for: Entrepreneurs (as I am one myself). Sadly, there is this one phrase which has become so linked to entrepreneurs in today’s era known as a ‘start-up.’ Now, let me tell you what to do if you own one or know someone who does-STOP calling it a start-up! A start-up is not a commitment. It is a lose phrase that too often, especially in the technological era, intelligent, well meaning folks with great ideas use to shield themselves from criticism that if things don’t work out for them tomorrow, they can say ‘Oh, I/we tried, but because of A,B,C,D,E….P,Q,L,M,N and X,Y,Z (economy, money, partner or investor issue, etc, etc.) I/we had to shut it.’


I may be being harsh on you, but trust me I love you and I really do care for you which is why I want to ensure when you finish reading this article, you really understand what commitment is and what it isn’t.

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Committed to Greatness in the World.

Your friend in building a life worth living!

-Ashish Janiani


Motivational Diaries

Sales 202: Closing the First Customer

In case you missed Sales 101, click here, and go through it first before you continue. I don’t want you to jump ahead if you don’t know which path you are on. The journey I am taking you on here is that of an extraordinary salesman, and to get there, you got to put in that extra. I promise you the rewards at the end of the road are exponential.

sales success closing customerFor those of you who understand that sales is the single best opportunity to progress as a human, the next step it to instill a belief within you that you can do it. You see, the first customer that you ever got to make the sale too is yourself. Are you sold on what you are offering? Do you really believe what you are selling offers a big advantage to your customers? Do you really believe that the biggest winner from the transaction is the customer? Reflect and spend time answering these questions because how much conviction you have in your offerings is directly proportional to how successful you will become.

In my global experience of doing door-to-door, telephonic, by appointment and web sales, one too many times I have come across individuals who don’t really believe in what they are selling. After the initial training and excitement, they become those robots who are merely focused on targets and are just going around repeating the pitch like a parrot. Don’t get me wrong, perseverance is a great asset, and I suggest each one of you develop it. But, just going around and repeating a dialogue will not make you the big bucks. It will only make you get by. Such folks end up closing a few accounts here and there. But from where I see, their chances to succeed are shallow because they are relying on that easy customer to say a ‘yes.’ That in my eyes, is not real sales.

If you are in the field of selling, involved directly or indirectly, or want to get in to it, you need to first ask yourself: If you have the resources, will you buy what you are offering because you truly believe it’s advantages are of value to you? There is only one answer to this if you want to become rich while selling: a big fat ‘YES.’

When I was going around selling business supplies to offices in the Silicon Valley seven years back, I truly believed that what I was offering was great. My company offered all the essential office supplies at a much cheaper cost. They were able to do so by selling directly through agents like me which in the process ensured they eliminated all the retail overheads. I always looked at it from the perspective that if it were my company, and I was any which ways going to go out there, and buy supplies, it definitely would make sense to get it 20% cheaper. In addition, I would have someone come and drop it at my door step.

My belief translated in to a lot of accounts because the first customer I ever sold to was myself. This gave me the strength to persevere and handle several objections from potential clients. When they said a ‘no’, I knew I had to show them the light because if they didn’t get what I was offering, there were going to end up paying more elsewhere for the same exact thing. I couldn’t let that happen which is why my enthusiasm when I met the first customer and the last was always the same. Moreover, my sales were consistent every day.


Realize that you need to analyze if you truly believe in the product or service you are offering. What do you believe is the biggest benefit for the customer when he decides to buy from you? How would you feel if you knew if your customer did not buy from you, he would be the biggest loser? This belief is what translates into a lot more sales, and helps in closing those close ones. As you will realize as we progress,  you can have the perfect pitch and the perfect objection handling technique, but if you don’t truly 100% believe in what you are selling, chances of you becoming highly successful in this playground are dim.

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A Proud Salesman

Sales 101

This five letter word ‘S-A-L-E-S’ is more important than what most people have any idea about. It is the only profession which really matters. If you are thinking, ‘No that’s not true’, you need to really rethink! If you, your company or business were not selling a product, service, or an idea, you would be broke!

Does Your Past Bother You?

You are now a certain age. May be you feel your time is long gone; you feel old. May be you feel you are losing your youthfulness as days progress; life’s responsibilities have started to burden you with stress. May be you feel you are still way too young to know what you want out of life; right now you just want to explore and find yourself. Regardless, chances are there is some part of your past which runs your present and many times unknowingly affects how you visualize your future to be. It may be your health, relationships, finances, family values, or social life. But some part of you is always dwelt in past memories. Somewhere, somehow, this holds true for most of us. Isn’t that amazing!

It surprises me that we have patterns from

How to Get Rich?

You have been working hard and pushing the boundaries. Your family and friends think you are going crazy. They demand you take some time out to relax and unwind. You are constantly bombarded with statements such as what you are doing to yourself is not right; you need to take care of your health first. But you are a brave soul. You know exactly what you want and have your focus on your goal; your dream.

Wouldn’t you want to sleep eight hours, and not just five? Wouldn’t you want to go out on a Saturday and have fun? Won’t you