4 thoughts on “DASHBOARD

  1. Rakesh Kumar

    Hi Ashish,
    First of all, i would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful views/ ideas about sales pitch. You have highlighted few points, which we have to keep in our mind at the time while talking to customer/s, i really appreciate you for that. For me it’s a Precise sales training program, looking forward for your other videos over the net.

    Once again, thank you…

    1. motivationaldiaries

      Hi Rakesh,

      Much appreciated. Glad you got value from the course. You can find shot videos on Youtube on our channel: Ashish Janiani or follow me on Instagram on trainwithashishjaniani for videos and other life related content.

      Keep learning; keep growing!

    1. motivationaldiaries

      Hi Ashok, besides the sales course access given, what videos are you looking for? Kindly share 🙂


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