Introduction to Sales

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This five letter word ‘S-A-L-E-S’ is more important than what most people have any idea about. It is the only profession which really matters. If you are thinking, ‘No that’s not true’, you need to really rethink! If you, your company or business were not selling a product, service, or an idea, you would be broke!

Stop Living in the Past

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You are now a certain age. May be you feel your time is long gone; you feel old. May be you feel you are losing your youthfulness as days progress; life’s responsibilities have started to burden you with stress. May be you feel you are still way too young to know what you want out of life; right now you just want to explore and […]

How to Get Rich?

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You have been working hard and pushing the boundaries. Your family and friends think you are going crazy. They demand you take some time out to relax and unwind. You are constantly bombarded with statements such as what you are doing to yourself is not right; you need to take care of your health first. But you are a brave soul. You know exactly what you want […]

What Does Motivation Really Mean?

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You hear it all the time, all over the place; everybody talks about it: Positively and negatively. You hear it so much that sometimes you believe the concept of ‘motivation’ is overrated. It’s just a thing that is good to talk about or something that makes you temporarily feel better, but that’s all to it. The reality is different: Much bitter and uglier. Are you […]

What Does it Take to Become Rich?

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Are you reading this because you would like to become rich?OrAre you reading this because you want to be rich no matter what?Two similar questions, but two very different mindsets. When I say rich in this parituclar article, I am referring to financial gains (though there is a lot of richness in personal health, social relationships and spirituality as well.) Let me re-emphasize and ask you again: Would you like to be rich? or Do you want to be rich?If you are the first kind, then chances of you