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Do You Know What Commitment Really Means?

I don’t know your name or age; I don’t know what you want or desire. Further, I don’t even know which part of the world are you reading this from. But, I do know one thing: No matter who you are, where you stay, whatever your age may be and whatever you do, until…….and unless YOU commit to success, you, sadly are going to live a mediocre and unfulfilling life.

What DO I mean by ‘Commitment?’

Commitment is a high performing (completely legal and healthy) drug which is made of goals, focus, action & adaption, pain (lots of pain!), reflection, and persuasion which you have to consume daily till you get to your desired goal. Period.

Stop giving excuses of why one or more aspect of your life (whether it be your health, relationships, work, or knowing your purpose of existence) is not where you want it to be. Instead, take responsibility, and then commit to making it happen no matter what. Even if you don’t read anything else ever, just remember this is how success is attained-through massive commitment.

What I DON’T mean by ‘Commitment?’

Next, understand commitment does not mean trying and giving up when you feel you have had enough because you don’t have money (create it), no support (build it), no clarity of the future (reflect and find mentors) or any other excuse you convince yourself with, and sell to others to hide the fact that you gave up!

Let me give you an example from the set of people I have a lot of passion and respect for: Entrepreneurs (as I am one myself). Sadly, there is this one phrase which has become so linked to entrepreneurs in today’s era known as a ‘start-up.’ Now, let me tell you what to do if you own one or know someone who does-STOP calling it a start-up! A start-up is not a commitment. It is a lose phrase that too often, especially in the technological era, intelligent, well meaning folks with great ideas use to shield themselves from criticism that if things don’t work out for them tomorrow, they can say ‘Oh, I/we tried, but because of A,B,C,D,E….P,Q,L,M,N and X,Y,Z (economy, money, partner or investor issue, etc, etc.) I/we had to shut it.’


I may be being harsh on you, but trust me I love you and I really do care for you which is why I want to ensure when you finish reading this article, you really understand what commitment is and what it isn’t.

Next, I want to help you develop commitment the way I have defined it over here. Go ahead, sign-up for consistent motivation from us and equip your mind with tools to live a more powerful and resourceful life.

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Committed to Greatness in the World.

Your friend in building a life worth living!

-Ashish Janiani


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Just the thought drains you out. You feel, just if you had one more day to rest, it would be perfect. The fact is that it would never be enough; you will always want that one extra day to ‘get ready.’ Why is that we hate Mondays? Is it actually the day’s fault that it falls on a Monday? I mean poor fellow; it comes once every week just like any other day. Well, if you do hate Mondays, or even if you don’t hate it, but don’t have any such liking for it, I am here to disagree with you and prove to you that it is possibly the best day of the week. Want to find out why, here are 7 Reasons Why Mondays Are Fantastic:

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